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Scheherazade is the beautiful, well-mannered, and well-spoken storyteller of 1001 nights.
She is the only woman who manages to tame the sultan, King Shahyar, who due to
being betrayed by his first wife, marries and kills a woman each day; until he meets

Horrified by King Shahyar’s murders and wanting to put an end to them, Scheherazade
convinces her father to offer her as the King’s next wife. On the first evening
Scheherazade starts a suspenseful story only to stop half way through as dawn was
breaking and there was no time to finish the story. Eager to hear the ending of the
story, King Shahyar spares her life.

Scheherazade continues to tell the sultan 1001 stories in this charming and brilliant
manner until, by the end, King Shahyar has fallen in love with her and the tyranny
comes to an end.

Like the beautiful character, Scheherazade, our rice will be the only one to satisfy and
tame the desires of even our most demanding customer, you, our king. Stop searching,
and let Scheherazade take you on a wonderful journey.

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