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ATRY is full of diversity and pleasure. This premium brand offers you 10 different types of rice - one tastier than the other. In addition to that there is ATRY Rice Bran Oil - ideal for baking, grilling, frying and cooking. This is probably the most versatile oil for your kitchen.

  • ATRY Basmati Rice
  • ATRY 1121 Basmati Rice
  • ATRY Brown Basmati Rice
  • ATRY Basmati & Wild Rice Mix
  • ATRY Smoked Basmati Rice
  • ATRY Wild & Longgrain Rice Mix
  • ATRY Jasmine Rice
  • ATRY Longgrain Rice Parboiled
  • ATRY Wild Rice
  • ATRY Sushi Rice

More information can be found on the ATRY brand page ยป